Vendor Relationships

Providing you with unique access to our team and company data.

We ensure that each of our vendor account reps are pursued by us to create a foundation of shared values and mutual respect.


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Most financial services companies are bombarded with emails and calls from account representatives at various vendors.

This creates barriers between companies, negatively impacts the connection required to serve customers in the best way possible. The typical vendor relationship is transactional.

At Stewardship, our COO is empowered to pursue our account reps to forge deeper connections with our vendors.

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What Stewardship does for our vendors.

  • A connected relationship with our COO, Brian Baker.

  • Quarterly reports with relevant data and insights.

  • Intentional communication outside of a transaction.

  • Transparent sharing of information for a greater understanding.

  • An invitation to an annual Vendor Day at our office.

  • Opportunities to engage in client appreciation events with us.

  • Collaboration to innovatively meet the needs of our clients.

  • Sharing in our success and connection to our mission.

  • Behind the scenes info on where Stewardship is headed.

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We share behind-the-scenes data such as financials, sales, business mix, demographics, and marketing strategies with vendors for better understanding, informed decision-making, and mutual success.


We see vendors as part of our team, valuing their expertise and perspectives. Through regular interactions and Vendor Days, we aim to create a sense of belonging and shared responsibility for our goals.

Strong vendor relations allow us to serve our customers better, so we actively pursue vendors.

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Hosting Vendors At Our Office

Humility | Transparency | Innovation

One day a year we host all of our vendors for a half day party at our office. We share a meal, connect about the year that was, and create strategies for the year ahead. In this meeting we give extremely transparent information about Stewardship and a unique touch point with our sales team. This helps drive innovation and a more focus as we work together to accomplish goals.

Your Primary Contact at Stewardship

Brian Baker
Brian BakerChief Operations Officer | Vendor Relations

Our COO is required to create intentional relationships with our vendors built on a foundation of shred values and mutual respect.

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Or give us a call or text at 602-456-5454