Being someone who has avoided updating an insurance policy for years because I don’t like dealing with “insurance people”, I was far beyond pleasantly surprised in dealing with Brandon Ream and Stewardship Insurance. I let Brandon know of my need to change insurance companies, as I was paying a huge amount each month (I let my insurance lapse while out of the country for a number of years, so needed to re-establish my driving history). Brandon was extremely helpful, comparing my coverage (that I provided to him) from the “other company”, and he sought out the best option for me, which was less than half of what I was paying.. I never before realized the value of going through an insurance broker instead of going to a specific company. Even more so, the value of going through an insurance broker approved by Dave Ramsey, who will truly work for the benefit of the customer. Stewardship insurance, Brandon and the staff, have given me a new view of what dealing with insurance agents can be like. I am very, very thankful to have my policy through them.