I was recommended to Brian and Stewardship by a colleague, but did not even speak with Brian until I was ready to make a bid on a house! The entire process happened very quickly because of my timing, but Brian was concise and transparent about what I needed to do to secure a mortgage and how Stewardship operates. He was able to work with my realtor to submit a winning bid against multiple offers, which was the most important part of the whole process. His organization helped show the seller our commitment and qualifications in a “best and final offer” scenario. The rest is history. I’m very happy with my rate and Brian provided me with all the needed information to help me make smart decisions throughout the whole process. It was always enjoyable to talk to him and I always received quick feedback if I had a question. Also, he showed up to my closing, which I guess is not very common with other mortgage originators. He helped explain all the paperwork during that, as well. Simply, I am so happy I chose Stewardship and would recommend them to anybody looking to buy a home.