Stewardship was best among all the other brokers whom I had talked to because Stewardship gave me the lowest possible interest rate and some credit. They were good at taking time and answering questions and stuff.
However, the underwriting process wasn’t as smooth as it was at the beginning. It is known that underwriting process is stressful but some of the errors done in this process, made it worse. For example, I thought as long as I pay my credit card bill my debt to income ratio will stay same. WRONG. It depends on the credit report. The agent should have told me to avoid using my credit card during the underwriting process; therefore, when banks monitored my credit report they would see the same income to debt ratio. Because of this issue I give 4 stars; I recommend working with Stewrdship.
Buying house is nothing like buying a car. Just, hanging there, take some chill pill: This shall pass you.
Good Luck,