Not only did Stewardship help me buy my first house, they also helped me refinance it years later. But even well before I bought my house, they were willing to sit down with me just to talk through my plans, budget, etc. to make sure I fully understood what I was getting into. This was in a time when consumer confidence in the mortgage industry at large was nose-diving to an all time low… Stewardship stands in stark contrast to the greedy mortgage companies/brokers who put people in houses they had no business being in with mortgages they had no means to afford. With Stewardship, it was never about getting me to sign the line for the largest loan I could get approved for (which would make them more money), but instead getting me a loan that I was comfortable with so my house wasn’t a financially crippling burden. Stewardship works with integrity, honesty, wisdom, and they truly care about you as a person. I would recommend Stewardship to anyone without hesitation (and have several times).