Cant explain the level of professionalism used by Brandon Ream. I am in the automotive industry and deal with Insurance brokers as well agents on a daily basis and it is sad to see how needy some are, how unprofessional they are, and how much of your time they waste everytime. Brandon asked me a few quick questions and got started. I got a call 24 hours later that my car insurance had dropped $100! a month… I was ecstatic, he asked if I would like him to change policies and lower my payment, I couldn’t say yes quick enough! He said give me 24 hours, 24 hours later my previous insurance company notified me that my broker had cancelled my policy and the next email down was the new company with ID cards. I highly recommend not only Stewardship but further more Brandon Ream if your time is valuable and you are not wanting to waste it. Thank You Brandon Ream, your contact information is saved and on speed dial for a moments notice! Cheers buddy! -Sammy