Brian and the entire Stewardship team are top notch! I contacted Brian to explore a refinance given the recent dip in interest rates. Believe it or not, Brian tried to talk me out of the refi… you read that right. He was willing to forgo a potential commission in return for doing the right thing by a potential customer. This is hard to fathom in today’s dog eat dog, profit before customer society that we’re living in, but this is exactly what makes Stewardship different. For that, I am extremely grateful. Turns out, given my situation (an ARM on my second mortgage) it actually made sense to refi even though it’s costing me a few more bucks a month. Brian and the team made the entire process from application to funding so seamless and were totally transparent every step of the way. Kudos to the entire team. You have a customer and promoter for life! Keep up the AWESOME work!