From the very first phone call, to all the meetings in between at crazy hours accommodating my work schedule, to the weekly updates and the whole flood of emails I sent, to the final closing today, Brian Ream has proved over and over that he is on my side and working diligently and graciously for my best interests. As an analytical thinker, I deeply appreciate the extensive research done on my behalf and the clear and knowledgeable presentation of all that information I needed to consider in order to make wise decisions about this very big milestone in my life. I am now a first-time homeowner because this guy sets the standard of integrity, diligence, honesty, intelligence, care, effort and kindness in his work. It’s sprinkled with humor and sincerity which completes the experience in the most positive way. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your excellent work on my behalf. You’re a rockstar!!!