Pat and I were looking to refinance our home in order to utilize equity to pay down debt. Jarred provided fast and efficient service. The process was smooth, seamless, and very quick. It was by far the easiest refi we’ve ever experienced. However, in its ease and simplicity, we felt (in hindsight) there was some information that would have been good to know in advance (i.e. that lender was requiring a payout to AMEX), which wasn’t a big deal because we planned to do that anyway, but we weren’t aware of that until the closing. I guess there was a “well folks, that’s it!” missing at the end… Was that it? Are we done? Where’s the virtual high five, it’s been great working with you? Which I suppose is something that comes along with doing everything digitally vs. in person.

So, not big complaints at all. In the end, it was a very successful venture, and we are very happy with the process and the outcome. We will always come to Stewardship first for our mortgage and financial needs.

THANK YOU, Jarred. It was a pleasure working with you!