The thought of not being around to provide for my wife and kids is scary. I have always tried to be prepared, but I wasn’t sure if I missed something that would cause their well-being to be in jeopardy if something happened to me. My family and I met with Ryan Delviken from Stewardship. Ryan is very transparent and informative. He was patient with all of our questions, and did an excellent job of educating us on things such as the difference between having a will vs. a trust. We were able to see how these differences could potentially impact our family. After receiving Ryan’s wise guidance, he empowered us to confidently make an informed decision. The process of setting up a Trust and getting Short Term Disability Insurance was so smooth! The thought of something happening to my wife and I will always be scary, but we have so much peace knowing we have a plan in place to ensure our kids will be taken care of. We are so thankful for Ryan at Stewardship for truly serving us with wisdom and love.