So we had a REALLY unusual situtation that I will not get into as part of the review. Suffice it to say there were “challenges” (of our own creating) that made it nearly impossible for us to secure refinancing on the house we’ve lived in for 23 years. When I first worked with Brian he tried EVERYTHING to fix a highly problematic set of circumstances. And… he did this for months and months. In the end (again, through no fault of Stewardship, but from our own issues) we were going to have to wait about 12 months and then we might be able to move forward. After the year and some other things that fell our way we were able to complete the refinance of our home in just 4 weeks! Our intent is to live in the same home for the rest of our lives and I am thankful Briam Ream and Stewardship Mortgage helped us accomplish this!