I have worked with Ryan several times. In 2021, I left full-time employment to start my own business. Due to this transition my husband and I were no longer covered by my previous employer’s health insurance, I chose to take Cobra, but my husband could not be covered by Cobra because he was on Medicare. I contacted three insurance advisors to discuss my situation and “interview” them to see who seemed the most knowledgeable. Ryan was the second person that I spoke with, and I immediately made the decision to work with him and canceled my scheduled meeting with the third advisor. My husband was on Medicare due to a disability and has numerous preexisting conditions, so we had to find a good plan that would supplement Medicare. Ryan worked diligently to find a plan that would work well and cover all his prescriptions and doctors. He even videoed my husband’s medications so nothing was missed. Ryan found the perfect plan for my husband. My husband had three major spinal surgeries in 2021 and 2022 and paid less than 5000.00 out of pocket. I contacted Ryan in 2022 when my husband turned 65 and the Medicare transitioned to regular Medicare vs. Disability Medicare. Ryan again assisted with finding the best plan for my husband. The plan that Ryan found in 2021 is so good that we are not changing. My cobra expires in December 2022, so again Ryan assisted me in getting a plan that will cover my doctors and medicines until I am eligible for Medicare in 2024 at which time I will contact Ryan again about a supplement. I highly, highly recommend Ryan and the Stewardship group. My husband and I are very thankful for the guidance that we have received. We would be lost without it.