My job was eliminated, and I was forced to search for my own insurance because I could not afford $2300 a month on COBRA. I did not have a good experience trying to find coverage from the marketplace. All I got were countless spam calls, texts and emails. I found a broker on social media with a huge following, but they suggested cost-sharing insurance and I wanted actual coverage. Then I saw a post on FB from Dave Ramsey about insurance quotes, so I took a moment and filled out a form, and Ryan reached out to me the same day. Immediately I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from me. Ryan listened to all my needs, asked all the right questions and I had very affordable quotes for several different plans the next day. He even found plans networked with my existing doctors. Ryan took care of all the details, and the sign-up process only took a few minutes. I am so grateful to Ryan for easing my family through this transition and would highly recommend him to anyone needing insurance coverage.