My mother was ill and then passed, and I found myself with the heavy burden of needing to sell her home. Her house was under a trust and the many legal parts/variables of that were all new to me. I was overwhelmed. I’ve been a grateful client of Stewardship’s many exceptional services for almost 7 years now, so I was thrilled to be able to use their newest department with realtors. Nate (and Mark) supported me throughout the entire process with his knowledge base, patience, caring nature and servant’s attitude. We worked together as a team to overcome several potential obstacles with each phase and ultimately achieved a greater than hoped for outcome in a short timeframe. He made that which was overwhelming and burdensome, lighter and doable! I cannot recommend him or the team enough for any/all realty needs – they will always be my go-to as will Stewardship, as a whole, for all my financial needs. They are all a Godsend!