Nate helped us buy our new home, and we had a great experience with him there, so naturally we turned to him to sell my former home as well. Nate made sure that we had our ducks in a row before listing and helped us to decide what the most important things to focus on were before we put the house up for sale. He helped boost my confidence in going into the selling process right before the holidays and made sure to keep us informed of everything along the way as we waited to go under contract. From start to finish, we have enjoyed working with Nate so much. As a newlywed millennial couple, we felt like he was really able to understand our wants and needs throughout the whole process. It was so great to have someone we really felt we could connect with on a more personal level. So highly recommend him if you are a younger person in today’s market, though I have no doubt that he can and will provide excellent service to anyone who chooses to work with him. And overall, Stewardship’s approach to helping their clients cannot be beat. They are in it for more than just their own profits. They truly want to help serve their community, which goes a long way in the expensive world we live in. Thanks again for everything you’ve done for us the last few months, Nate!