I absolutely loved working with Stewardship for my insurance needs! From the initial email/phone call/text I felt like someone was there making sure my questions were answered and explaining things every step of the way. I had them run quotes numerous times for me because I kept forgetting to include things or I wanted to see how much it would add to my cost if I went with higher coverage. Never once did Brandon make me feel like I was annoying him or he couldn’t be bothered. He even sent me a followup email after hours to make sure everything was in place before I paid my dues and the policy took effect. I told him what day to have Joy call for payment and Joy called that morning ready to take payment and put the policy in place with the last minute change I made. Knowing Stewardship is a Dave Ramsey endorsed local provider (ELP) is what led me to them in the first place. I wanted to work with someone who is trustworthy and friendly as this is very important to me. I was with another big named company for many years, but I found Stewardship to be worthy of the change. I enjoyed working with Brandon and Joy at Stewardship.