I would like to start out by saying that Christ works in wonderful ways. We were turned on to Stewardship by a nice christian lady that ministers over young mothers. My daughter helps watch babies for her from time to time. She is a realtor and actually helped us find our new home. She had us contact Greg Suiter to begin the process of clearing up our credit to be ready for the mortgage process. We spoke with Greg several times over a 3 year period, following his advice and taking the time necessary to get our finances and credit in order. Having done so, this house buying experience was the most painless process ever(minus the writers cramp from signing documents). We just kept waiting for the shoe to drop because of how easy it was. It never did. Working with Stewardship, Greg, Jarred and Brandon, has been a blessing to my family and me. Great, God centered people that have our best interest at heart. I highly recommend them. Even more so, I highly recommend you follow their advice and make the changes they talk about. Doing this will make the home buying process completely worth the wait. Thank you one and all at Stewardship!