As a first time homebuyer, I felt that in order to buy a house I was going to have very little control in closing a transaction. I began my search for a loan with a friend of a friend who was a mortgage lender, not knowing the power I had to shop around for loan details that best suited my needs! I found Stewardship and connected with Jarred Kuiper, and since then my understanding of the mortgage industry and how to navigate it has grown tremendously!! He has the heart of a teacher and is extremely skilled as his craft. He explained that no matter what your financial situation, you are ALWAYS in control of what you agree to and should never feel forced into a deal. A pretty simple truth but one that is easy to lose track of in the frenzy of home buying. Just barely over 3 months later and I’m having coffee with my family this morning in my new home. THANK YOU JARRED!!