1. Home refi questions and considerations.
2. Brian Ream helped me research/explore our home financial situation and rates, gather information/docs, figure the best opportunities for our situation, explore the best time to lock in a rate, find the best lender, and coordinated the process as we set up with Quicken Loans. He comprehensively helped to organize a timely closing, ensured that both quality and legal matters were met, and made sure that our refinance process wrapped up well. He provided excellent professionalism and customer service throughout the process.
3. Considering we were able to knock out our $300/mo PMI and drop an additional $200 off our loan, thanks to a better rate, it is $500/mo that I can apply towards other debt to get us where we need to go. I would summarize that I am 100% satisfied with Brian’s service and my experience with Stewardship as well as the financial results. This process required only some information and documents like it would with anyone. It was honest, seamless, painless, and Brian answered my questions and ponderings quickly and effectively. I will be referring anyone that would be interested in a home mortgage or refi to you guys.