The 10 minutes we spent with Stewardship saved us $700 a year on our car insurance! We had Geico Insurance for over 20 years. A few years ago we had a friend who worked for an insurance broker and said we might be able to get a better rate. They were not able to find a company that even came close to our rate with Geico. We did our own research and called several insurance agencies and none of them came close either. A couple of months ago, one of our friends said they tried Stewardship and they were able to save their family a few hundred dollars. My friend had been with her insurance company many years like we were so we decided it wouldn’t hurt to try. I scheduled an appointment with Brandon Ream, he called me, I provided him exactly what we currently have in terms of coverage and he said he would email me within a few days. The entire phone call took less than 10 minutes and he emailed me the next day with a savings of over $700 a year!!! The process was quick and seamless. I would highly recommend Stewardship!