Like most families, the idea of owning our first home was a dream, but the process was extremely intimidating. We had heard the horror stories from our friends. Surprising interest rates, daunting monthly payments, leaving their Mortage persons office with more questions than answers. Then along came Jared. Recommended to us, we decided to meet just to find out how close (or far away) we really were. Jared took the time to show Nicole and I exactly where we were then and what steps we would need to take to get into a home responsibly. I stress the word responsibly because with all the gimmicks and smoke and mirrors out here, it was refreshing to have someone like Jared take the time to answer every question, respond promptly and professionally and above all else not pressure us into anything we did not feel comfortable with. My favorite Jared line is, talk about it and see if it works for you and Nicole – if it doesn’t we will find something that does. Now that we are in our home we still sit around and talk about how lucky we are to have found someone so dedicated to their craft. Every opportunity I have I attempt to recommend potential clients his way because when you have a guy like Jared in your corner you have the confidence to make a life-changing decision knowing you’re armed with the best information. I know it’s corny but my favorite line now a days is “you should’ve went to Jared.” Thank you sir!