Seven years ago, when my wife & I first moved to the Phoenix Valley, we were looking for help to determine what health insurance would work best for us in retirement. We decided to use an insurance broker instead of trying to figure it out on our own. We contacted Stewardship & enlisted the help of Ryan Delviken for that purpose. Every year since then, Ryan has reviewed our health insurance needs, suggesting the best coverage given our specific situation. Our experience with him & Stewardship has been absolutely amazing! Recently we decided to leave the insurance company that we had used for our home & auto coverage for 52 years due to their ever rising rates. Rather than hunt around on our own for a new insurance company, we decided to entrust Stewardship with that task. We got in touch with Brandon Ream at Stewardship to see what he might be able to find for us. We were not disappointed. By the next day, he had the perfect suggestion. In the end, not only will we be saving $400/year on our auto insurance – we also now have much better coverage. We have often wondered why anyone would search for insurance on their own when they could use a broker to shop for them. Our experience with Stewardship has led us to believe that you can’t find a better insurance broker service than Stewardship, Ryan, & Brandon. They have truly been a blessing to us as they have lifted the burden of finding and maintaining health, home, and auto insurance off of our shoulders! A huge thanks to everyone at Stewardship!