We had a very important need arise in our life as it became imperative for us to relocate to the Valley. When we lived here previously, Brandon Ream from Stewardship, was our insurance agent. When we learned we would be returning to the Phoenix area, we called Brandon as we knew our situation was much bigger than just needing to purchase a simple insurance policy. Often times there is a ripple effect when “life” happen and we needed advice and direction on several levels. The really cool thing that happened is that the Stewardship team listened to us! They researched their many products to figure out what we needed and together, we discussed the best option. we firmly believe that Stewardship wanted to help us whether we purchased anything from them or not. We felt free to explore solutions and that’s very important for us as a family. Our needs were met and we are now fully satisfied moving forward in a positive manner. Something else, we have a relationship with Brandon and Stewardship. We can call or meet with him or others on the team to chat and/or discuss anything that comes up, even if it is not insurance related! We’ve never felt pressured by them. We appreciate Brandon and the Stewardship team and look forward to continuing our relationship with them.

we can and will call Stewardship as we move forward.