We love Stewardship Mortgage. We first used Stewardship when we bought our first house nine years ago and refinanced with them twice, for free, saving us money each time. We loved everything about the experience and the truth and integrity with every member we were in contact with through Stewardship. Our needs were listened to and met, exceeding all our expectations. We now live in Oregon and we are in the process of buying another home. We couldn’t find an independent mortgage broker in our small town, so we called Brian Ream. Even though we were out of state, he reached out to some of his favorite lenders and got the name of an independent mortgage broker that we could use here in Oregon. We also sent Brian the fee sheet we received from our mortgage broker and Brian willing and thoroughly went through the numbers, letting us know if we were getting the lowest rate we could. We signed the papers on our new house today and the title company was shocked at the interest rate we secured, as it was a full percentage point lower than anything they have been seeing. This will save us thousands of dollars over the life of the loan. We are so grateful for Brian’s willingness to help us with no personal gain as an incentive. We cannot stress enough the importance of seeking out an independent mortgage broker, such as Stewardship. They genuinely care about people and their needs over anything else and they know what they are doing. Stewardship and it’s staff are truly the best in the business! Thank you!!