When my husband needed to retire due to health issues, we were put in a place we weren’t ready to navigate. We had to learn all about Social Security benefits, Medicare and all its parts for my husband and the Healthcare.gov marketplace for me. We were overwhelmed. I was searching online for help and here is Ryan’s company listed. I texted him and he promptly responded and we had an appointment that same week. He listened to us regarding our situation and answered all of our questions. He helped us find the best Medicare plan for my husband and the best health insurance for me. I don’t believe we would have gone through this experience with anywhere near the confidence that we had thanks to Ryan’s input. He returned every call, email and text message promptly. He made suggestions to us regarding the best choices for us and we are very grateful for his input. We would highly recommend Ryan and his colleagues to you if you find that you need Medicare or Healthcare services. He did a great job for us!