I recently was laid off from my job, and since my husband is self-employed, that meant we lost our insurance as well as my income. I had attempted to find insurance through a private source, but the rates were so high there was no way we would be able to afford them. We decided I would stay home since I have two young children, so it was super important we try to figure the insurance stuff out. I tried to apply for AHCCS and then went to healthcare.gov to try and find a plan, but I was so confused with what I was doing. After listening to a book by Dave Ramsey, I found myself on his website to see if someone could assist me with finding insurance. I filled out a form and within moments I received a text. Ryan was so helpful and the best part was that there was no pressure. He did not call me thirty times trying to get me into an hour long conversation about health plans. He just texted me asking for my information and asked if we could set up a call and sent me some healthcare options for us to go over. He answered all of my questions and found us the best rate and something we could afford as well. I was so nervous trying to get my family insured, but Ryan made it just so simple. He has been the biggest blessing to our family, and I am so grateful for his service to us.