Brian Ream was the 5th individual I spoke to regarding refinancing my home mortgage. During the first phone call, he sounded just like everyone else but the difference between him and everyone else was that his fees were far less, and he didn’t surprise me with a random fee down the road.

One lender in particular thought she was the best thing on the block. When I told her that I was not going to do business with her but with another lender, she started asking questions about how this other lender could do a better job than her.

Long story short, I kept waiting for a surprise fee from him. Never happened. His rate, lender fees, cash to close, final monthly payments, finding a cheaper home insurance company, AND making sure everything was done in a timely manner was incredible.

Due to Brian Ream taking his time in figuring out my property’s value, I didn’t have to pay an additional fee for an appraisal that everyone else was going to make me pay.

In the end, he will be one of the first lenders I call for any other loan questions for future home purchases as he told me in our first conversation, “I’ll take care of you as if it were my own mom’s loan.”

Not many people have that level of integrity. “A true test to someone’s character, is what they do when no one is watching.”