Are you buying a home, or think you’d like to, some beautiful day? Promise me you’ll think twice about walking into some random bank, crossing your fingers for an ambiguous pre qualification. JT and I were given the best gift when we were introduced to the team at Stewardship! In one enlightening hour Greg walked us through every loan option, term, interest rate and homework tasks for us to feel 100% confident that we will be making a mortgage choice that is clearly best for our family! Did you know that, like car salesmen, most mortgage brokers receive a rebate on the percentage rate THEY CHOOSE for you?! Stewardship Mortgage honors your decision to work with them by applying that rebate to the added costs of purchasing your home! WHO does that? WHO gives YOU money that could so easily go unnoticed in deals that most consumers are left in the dark on? Stewardship! Honoring the money God entrusts to you! I have purchased a home, or two (or four), and this experience is worlds apart!