I needed a cash out refinance, and was unsure the right amount to cash out, my options, and what the process would be. This whole deal was less painful than a relaxation massage next to a Zen waterfall while Taylor Swift is playing an acoustic set of her COVID album. It was that painless. Greg is straightforward, clear, and easy to work with. He is also clearly an expert in this space and had great advice. Stewardship’s tools and technology made the process virtually contact free. I was able to navigate this all while traveling for work, watching the World Series and trying to figure out how to get Christmas gifts to ship to my house before July of 2023. I was busy – and Greg and team made this really easy.

I am assuming that this was all made possible by Grant Botma’s years of hard work and thoughtful leadership to set up a true one-stop shop for all things financial – but who knows. I mean, maybe Greg is just really good, or we got lucky and everything was just easy? OR, Grant made the same deal with the business gods that Paul Rudd made with the aging gods. Like, why does everything always go so well, is super easy and leaves me feeling like I am part of some elite members only club that has access to the best financial team in these fine United States? I may never know, and I’m ok with that.

Oh, and if I go into their office to meet, they have nitro cold brew coffee on tap. ON TAP. Their computer monitors are actual televisions What are they, Amazon, Inc? If Grant gains 25 lbs. of muscle and shaves his head and starts flying into space – I won’t be surprised. I feel like I am rambling. Point is – Greg was great and stop using these lame mortgage people with dumb offices in Scottsdale with boring corporate furniture that they never use because they are golfing all the time. Use Stewardship.

Every time I work with anyone from Stewardship on anything – mortgage, car insurance, wills, financial planning, etc – I am always impressed. I am Ben Craigs, and I support this message.

Thanks Stewardship.