This hands down was the best experience I have ever had shopping for car insurance. If you guys knew how many people I have told about this service in the past week you would be shocked!! From the first interactions and through out the entire process Brandon and Joy were professional, kind and catered to my exact needs. I am a nurse with a very hectic schedule, but everyone worked around my needs of communication and time schedules that worked best to exchange information. I knew I could ask questions, I was given a brief overview of the process and what to expect and this 100% had met every expectation. I keep thinking to myself… “could this process really be this easy??” I am so thankful for everyone’s time, and at the end of the day I can rest easy knowing that I have the lowest insurance rate. I walked away from Progressive Insurance after being with them for almost 10 years… but putting faith in the process and knowing I am making a smart financial decision getting the lowest insurance rate possible gives me great ease! Thank you for your excellent customer service! I’ll be sending more your way!!!