Like many, we were ignorant first time home buyers (how can you know all this mortgage stuff anyway!). Even though we were ignorant, my mother-in-law, 20+ year broker, was not. She would not let us work with anyone ignorant! When we found Greg and met with him, we told her all about it of course, her response, “I like this guy!” That was our experience through the whole home buying process!

Greg was honest, trustworthy, timely, helpful, knowledgeable, clear, and humble. He went the extra mile for us even doing things my mother-in-law said, “Even I don’t do that for my clients!”

Thanks, Greg for walking us through buying our first home, for explaining things as many times as we needed to understand, and for giving us a great experience!
If I have to buy a home again in the future, I hope Greg and Stewardship Mortgage are still around for my business!