I was surprised when we were given a referral to stewardship mortgage when we talked to a realtor about selling our home.
Now I know how important that choice was.

We bought a house 3 years ago with another realtor and mortgage company and it was a nightmare compared to our experience with Stewardship. We were first time home buyers 3 years ago and we were not treated that way. I didn’t understand interest rates, loan types, down payments or how any of these things could affect the life of our loan. We took what was suggested or rather rushed on us and closed on our first home.

This time around was different. We reached out to Jarred 2 months before we put our house on the market. I thought the meeting would be brief and a simple introduction. It was MUCH MORE than that. To say that Jarred Kuiper is passionate about mortgages is an understatement.

First we tackled our income and debt. We went over what we could afford. Our debt to income ratio was very low. I was nervous Jarred was going to try to get us to our MAX amount on a loan because on paper it was what we could afford. That was not the case, he didn’t stop punching in numbers until he could tell we were comfortable with the size of the loan. THEN we went over types of loans and what would fit us best. My husband has been in the banking business for 10+ years and he was learning things from Jarred. We left that first meeting feeling READY to list our home and start searching for a new home.

Jarred’s style of communicating didn’t change at all through the entire process.

He would call my husband and myself with updates. I would get home from work and tell my husband that Jarred called, and he told me that Jarred called him too. This was amazing. Because he had already explained things to both of us, so we didn’t have to try and interrupt it to the other. After every call we would get a follow-up email letting us know what he still needed from us and where we were in the process. He also communicated with our realtors (we had two) and the title company. He took messages after work hours and showed up for our signing.

He was the person we relied on MOST through the process from start to finish.

His dedication to us as clients was flawless.

I recommend Jarred’s services to anyone I hear is looking at buying or selling a house.
Don’t feel like it’s too early to contact stewardship and make your first appointment with Jarred.

-Amanda Ludlum