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Our proven investment management framework includes an ongoing financial plan that focuses on the following questions to provide the peace of mind you desire.

  • Are you taking the right amount of risk?

  • Do you have the right type of investments?

  • How much wealth do you need to make work optional?

  • Are you making the most of your income?

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Here are a few ways we can serve you.

  • Start a new general investment account or qualified account like an IRA, 401(k), 529, and more.

  • Roll over existing investment accounts from previous employers that are just sitting there.

  • Move investments that are currently being managed by a different Advisor or institution.

  • Receive ongoing advice and planning as your life progresses and changes.

  • We will find any holes in your financial picture and give practical steps to maximize efficiency.

  • Stay “ahead” through practical benchmarks based on your age and income level.


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Meet In Comfort

Come to our relaxed office, talk over the phone, or connect via video to discuss your needs.

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Receive Wise Advice

Hear a personal solution from a fiduciary Financial Advisor that can be executed together.

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Experience Peace

Live a life where your personal finances enhance life for you and your loved ones.

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The initial meeting is always free. We are excited about any opportunity to build a relationship with you and consider it an honor to gain an understanding of how we can best serve you.


Fiduciaries. Not Salesmen.

Legally, we are only able to act in our customers best interest as we give advice with wisdom and love. No sales. No Pressure.

Sensible Guidance.

We communicate in simple terms as we work together to remove financial uncertainty and gain financial confidence.

Answering your questions proactively

The Stewardship Financial Investment Management Framework focuses on 12 financial elements. We will monitor and manage these financial elements on an ongoing basis throughout the year. You will get scheduled quarterly engagements that concentrate on one or two of the elements, and impromptu communication from us if we notice one of these financial elements moving in the wrong direction. That’s right! We watch the movement of these elements in the background based on market conditions and the data you have made available to us.

Some look at these elements and get overwhelmed… Others look at them and get excited! Regardless of your reaction to these details, know this: As your Advisor we will do more than just “invest your money”. We will manage your investments and your financial plan with wisdom and love.

To learn more about each financial element click the questions and colored boxes below.

Everything In One Convenient Place

As our client, you get access to your ongoing financial plan and the status of your financial elements through an easy-to-use application. This app can be accessed from your phone or computer web browser. It is easy to get started and simple to use! For those who are intimidated by technology, no need to worry, we will walk you through the process and allow you to interact with the app however you want. Here is what it looks like:

Our Investment Management is executed by professional Advisors with a relational approach: We simplify what has felt complex, and customize it to your comfort and financial well-being. Here is what you can expect:

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