A 2-day live event designed to give you exclusive access to Stewardship’s culture development and business growth strategies.

Learn from our mistakes | Learn from our success | Create processes of your own

April 7th and 8th

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Meet In Comfort Image
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Receive Wise Advice Image
Receive Wise Advice Image
Receive Wise Advice Image

Stewardship has won an Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Company in America award 2 years in a row and has been named by the Financial Times as one of the top 100 Financial companies in America.

This 2-day event is intentionally designed to help you absorb exclusive information, gain a unique perspective, and take immediate action to ensure results. This is done through providing behind-the-scenes access to some of Stewardship’s processes, walking through proven business development frameworks, and live Q&A sessions with Stewardship employees and leadership.



April 7 – DAY 1

9:00 at Stewardship

9:30 at Stewardship
Leadership: attracting and keeping top talent through the proper Motivation Framework

10:30 Coffee Break at Mythical Coffee (downstairs)

11:00 at Stewardship
Live Q&A sessions with Stewardship employees and leadership on the Motivational Framework.
Create your Freedom
Create your Affirmation
Create your Unified Purpose

12:00 Lunch at Phoenicia Cafe (across the parking lot)

1:00 at Stewardship
Marketing: bring more ideal customers through a marketing ascension process

2:00 Break

2:15 at Stewardship
Live Q&A sessions with Stewardship employees and leadership on Stewardship’s marketing.
Create your Ideal Customer
Create your Marketing Ascension Model
Create your Content Strategy

3:00 Break

3:15 at Stewardship
Customer Experience: earn more referrals and reviews through intentional customer journey engineering.

4:15 at Stewardship
Live Q&A sessions with Stewardship employees and leadership on customer journey engineering.
Create a customer journey map

5:00 End Day 1

April 8 – DAY 2

12:30 at Stewardship
Meet at the Stewardship office to carpool from Stewardship to Culinary Dropout in downtown Phoenix. Or you may drive yourself and meet us at Culinary Dropout. *NOTE* If you meet us at Culinary Dropout you will have to pay for parking on your own.

1:00 at Culinary Dropout (downtown Phoenix)

1:45 at Culinary Dropout
Partnerships and Executive Leadership: create an enjoyable and thriving executive team through Emotional Intelligence, Queen Bee Roles, and meetings.

3:00 Break

3:15 at Culinary Dropout
Live Q&A with Stewardship Owners and leadership on business partnerships and executive leadership teams.
Our experience buying out a partner
Take an Emotional Intelligence test
Create your Queen Bee Roles
Create your Meetings structure

4:15 Break

4:30 at Culinary Dropout
Open Q&A and discussion time
Prior to attending the event, we will survey each attendee to see what about Stewardship they would like to discuss in this session.

5:00 travel to Chase Field

6:40 at Chase Field
Watch a baseball game in the Pool Suite of Chase field with attendees, Stewardship leadership, and Stewardship employees. This will be a great opportunity for you to ask questions and have intentional conversations about what you have learned and what you plan to apply when you return to your business.

10:00 or when the game ends
This is the end of the event. Those who were part of the carpool from Stewardship can ride in the carpool back to the Stewardship office.


Do you wonder if you are doing it right?
Could your company be better?

Engage with the leadership and employees of one of the Fastest Growing Company’s In America

Meet In Comfort Image

Exclusive Access

Limited to just 14 attendees, you and your peers will be able to take the concepts taught to a new level through intentional Q&A sessions with Stewardship owners, the leadership team, and employees.

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Create A Roadmap

This event is designed to help you make or re-evaluate your processes to create the company you desire. This is more than theory and discovery. You will leave with written systems for your business.

Experience Peace Image

Enjoyable Experience

Beyond the tactics shared and procedures created is the opportunity to build relationships with an exclusive invite-only group of business owners. We will learn and grow, but we will also have fun!


What’s In It For Stewardship?


Stewardship will lose money on this event. Although we charge a small amount from each attendee, it is well below the actual cost to put the event on. The only reason we charge anything is we know people are less likely to cancel or no show if there is some skin in the game.

That said, events like this help us get better. Anytime we open our doors and teach other people what we do, it creates a wonderful opportunity for us to review what we are doing and look to make it better.

We grow more when we teach!


Stewardship provides home loans, insurance, and investments with wisdom and love. Although there will absolutely not be any sort of sales pitch, we believe that if we genuinely help you then you may consider us the next time you have a need.

Some people that get an invite to this event are current clients and some are not. Either way, we know enough about you to understand that you will find value in this event. And if we genuinely add value to your life it makes a positive difference in the relationship that we have with you.

We want to build better relationships!


The Stewardship Experience

  • Improve your company culture
  • Create happier employees
  • Attract better employees
  • Attract more ideal customers
  • Earn more referrals
  • Earn more 5 star reviews
  • Become a better leader
  • Create better processes
  • Copy proven systems
  • Drink good coffee
  • Eat great food
  • Enjoy a poolside MLB experience
  • Connect with like minded business owners

“Stewardship has not only transformed the way I attract and retain clients, but it has revolutionized the way I attract and retain employees.”

– Brandon Smith
Business Owner