By |2023-09-15T10:08:55-07:00September 15th, 2023|

As my husband and I were looking to buy our first home together, I didn't entirely know what to expect. I had heard the common complaints of stress that came [...]

Kelly Towne and Andrew Roberts

By |2023-09-15T10:05:08-07:00September 15th, 2023|

When we “accidentally” started looking for a new home this summer, we inadvertently found ourselves paired up with Nate. As the saying goes, everything happens for a reason, and we [...]


By |2023-08-18T05:59:55-07:00August 18th, 2023|

My mom and I were looking to buy a house. Mark went above and beyond helping us navigate the home buying process. He helped us understand each step in the [...]


By |2023-08-04T10:42:57-07:00August 4th, 2023|

I was nervous going through the home-buying process. This was my first time walking through the home-buying experience. Mark met with me and explained the process in the beginning. He [...]

Sean Sparks

By |2023-07-25T05:55:55-07:00July 25th, 2023|

I was looking for a home and Nate jumped in right away to help me find the perfect one. His knowledge and availability was amazing throughout the whole process. Highly [...]

Sean Sparks

By |2023-07-10T11:40:04-07:00July 10th, 2023|

I am buying a home, and Brandon, Nate, and Jarred have all been super helpful. They have all used their expertise to simplify a very complicated process that suited my [...]

Kathleen Hefington

By |2022-10-14T07:55:20-07:00October 14th, 2022|

My husband and I recently purchased a home with the help of Nate Swartz and the guidance of Mark Shipley. There is an exceptional way about Nate. I know he [...]

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