Renewal Protection Plan

We verify that the insurance renewal being offered to you is the best option.

We do the work automatically behind the scenes each and every year.


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“I have been with Stewardship for my auto and renters insurance. They recently handled my renewal process and it was so easy! I didn’t have to think about it at all.”

Daniel Christy, Gilbert, AZ

Do you want more from your insurance agent?

  • Do you wonder if your insurance renewal is the best option?

  • Are you given the opportunity to share how your life/needs have changed to ensure you have the proper insurance each year?

  • Do you want a proactive Agent so you can focus on your family & career?

  • Do you waste time on your insurance during renewal?

  • Does your Agent check the price of other options and compare it to the price being offered to you at renewal?

  • Do you want peace of mind knowing that you have the best available insurance option?

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What You Get

We protect what you pay, and what you are covered for, by automatically monitoring any changes in your policy before renewal. Then we provide a simple form for you to fill out so we can properly re-evaluate your insurance with all of our carriers.

What It Costs

We don’t charge anything for our Renewal Protection Plan. Yes, that’s right. This service is provided to all of our Stewardship Insurance clients, saving them the time and hassle of verifying if their insurance renewal is still the best option for them.

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Or give us a call at 602-384-2604

The unfortunate truth about Home and Auto insurance is that the price increases almost every year.

Why? Because the cost to replace things goes up every year.

The Renewal Protection Plan is an intentionally designed system of our ongoing work behind the scenes. Fill our the form at renewal and we do the heavy lifting.

Details of How It Works

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