Stewardship One Move
Realtor Transaction Agreement

The first steps to representing a client in a Stewardship One Move transaction are reading through the below, filling out the form, and e-signing the subsequent agreement the gets emailed to you.


The purpose of the Transaction Agreement is to create the best experience possible for the client, the Realtor, and the Mortgage Loan Originator. This form, and the document it creates, are required to be executed by a Realtor for each transaction in which they represent a client going through the Stewardship One Move program.


The Stewardship One Move program requires leverage of Stewardship’s track record and lender relationships. It also requires a large financial commitment from Stewardship, a larger staff, and additional expenses. Although the Stewardship One Move program creates a seamless experience for clients, it requires more risk and money from Stewardship. As a result, commitments are needed from the client (buyer broker and listing agreement between the client and Realtor) and the Realtor (referral commission from the Realtor to Stewardship Realty LLC).


The Stewardship One Move program is exclusive to Stewardship Mortgage LLC, Stewardship Realty LLC, and Stewardship One Move LLC. There are no other lenders in the state of Arizona that offer this program. Can another mortgage lender mimic this program? Not likely. Stewardship’s track record, relationships, specialized contracts, and capital commitment allows for clients to get early access to the current home’s equity without selling it, an underwriting process that ignores the client’s current home payment from the qualifying debt ratio, along with the allowance of creative down payment sourcing – all on conventional loan approval. So, unless another lender is able to change their lending guidelines on debt ration calculation, AND change their guidelines on down payment sourcing, AND put a significant amount of money aside for each transaction then they cannot begin to create a program like this.


Sadly, many Realtors do not always treat Mortgage Loan Originators with respect. In order to use the Stewardship One Move program, Realtors must agree to treat Stewardship and its employees with respect. Those who do not uphold the Transaction Agreement will not be allowed to engage in the Stewardship One Move program moving forward. This includes denied access to the new client referral opportunities from Stewardship to the Realtor.


The Stewardship One Move Certification is different than signing this Transaction Agreement and representing a client throughout the Stewardship One Move program. A Realtor does not need to be certified to represent a client in a Stewardship One Move certification. The certification is an exclusive program over and above a transaction bound by this Transaction Agreement. Realtors that stand out by exhibiting innovation, transparency, humility, and love may be invited to take part in the Stewardship One Move certification program. This is an invitation that Stewardship may extend to Realtors after a transaction is over. This program offers referrals from Stewardship, ongoing education and coaching, and special access to other Stewardship resources. See below the form for more information on that Stewardship One Move certification.

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