Signing Disclosures from Quicken

Watch the video for a very clear understanding on best practices for signing Quickens disclosures for your home loan.
Below are step by step guidelines and pro tips to ensure you are simplifying your loan process.

Step 1

You will receive and email from Rocket TPO and Quicken. Click on the link provided to set up your “That’s my Mortgage” account.

Step 2

When setting up your “That’s my Mortgage” account you will be asked to create a login.

Step 3

After you have created a login, move forward by logging in.

Step 4

When you are in the “That’s my Mortgage” Portal click on the tap labeled “To Do”. From there you will need to complete all tasks labeled “Things We Need From You”.

Step 5

E-sign and date all documents. You will receive confirmation once all documents are completed (Intent to Proceed, Application Disclosure Package, Certification &Authorization Form, Form 4506-C)