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“I cannot say enough wonderful things about how Stewardship walked me through the process of getting a mortgage for my new home. This is the first time that I have purchased a home, so I was pretty nervous about everything. They were very patient and calm and took time to make sure that I understood the process!”
Madelon Perkins, Peoria AZ

Mortgage Broker of the Year in Arizona and Top 100 Broker in the Country

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What You Get

A customized home loan from a wise and loving Advisor who acts as a “fiduciary” and is legally required to put your needs first. This ensures that you receive the best possible deal.

What It Costs

The rate and costs you pay for a home loan depend on your situation. However, Stewardship has a unique pricing model that allows us to offer some of the best rates in Arizona.

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Discover how Stewardship Mortgage gets you the best deal possible.

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“I watched two close friends buy a home and use other companies for their mortgages. They expressed frustration with delays and surprise fees, none of which I experienced with Stewardship. I am very grateful to the team for their stellar customer service and above all, integrity.
No doubts, I’ll be a lifelong customer.”
Christi Wheeler, Phoenix AZ

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We make the home-buying process easy and comfortable.

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Together we get you preapproved and work to make your offer stand out above the rest.

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Buy a home

We get you the best home loan possible to purchase a home you will love.

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Purchasing a home probably sounds intimidating and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.

We help you obtain a loan you can afford, and protect you from mistakes that could bring financial harm. We will explain what’s in the fine print so you aren’t left to figure it out alone. We will be by your side even after the ink dries.

Purchasing A Home: How we do it

Whether you are 5 days or 5 years away from wanting to buy a home, we want to meet with you. A prosperous home loan process starts with quality education. We would be honored to sit with you and your family to listen to all of your goals, communicate all the options, and help you get qualified for a home loan that makes sense.

There are several hundreds of different ways to structure a mortgage when purchasing a home. We will not only prequalify you so you can start making qualified offers on homes, but we will provide you with multiple options so you can choose the home loan that is best for you.

Our customer reviews consistently say how eye-opening it was to work with us. That is because we intentionally pull back the curtain that hides industry secrets from borrowers. Why are there so many rate options? Why are there so many loan options? How does everyone get paid in this process? When working with Stewardship, the truth behind all of those questions is revealed. This gives you the knowledge and confidence you deserve as you go through the home-buying process.

Purchasing a home is a long process. The good news is we talk to you throughout it all. Beyond the customized web portal that gives you a 24/7 view of where your loan is, we do weekly “Friday update” calls to all parties involved in your transaction. We do this to ensure everyone is on the same page, and up to date with information. Additionally, we are always available for any questions or concerns in the office, on the phone, by email, or by text!

Getting the loan closed in a smooth and timely way is important. We believe in that so much that we seek to be present at each closing! As you are closing your loan we don’t hide behind a phone or a desk hoping things go well. We are physically at the loan closing appointment celebrating with you the purchase of your home and the awesome loan you have as part of it.

“I highly recommend Stewardship Mortgage. I’ve purchased multiple homes and have had experience with several companies in the East Valley. Stewardship far exceeded my expectations and provide exceptional support throughout the purchasing process. Their commitment to their clients’ best interest and honesty is incredible. I strongly encourage you to get in contact with them, whether you are a first-time homebuyer or have previous experience with another company. Thank you Stewardship Mortgage! We will do business again in the future.”

Patrick Dennis, Gilbert AZ

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We will meet with you on your terms. In our comfortable office, over the phone, or in a video meeting. The meetings are always free.