Podcast 91 - Why Your Emotions are Ruining Your Retirement Image

Season 4|Episode 10
Why Your Emotions Are Ruining Your Retirement

Do you know how you would respond to a sudden downturn in the stock market?

Do you know the probability that you will successfully reach your financial goals? What you do with your finances has much more impact on your investments than what the market does in a given day. Your behavior is an excellent indicator of your ability to build wealth. Do you sell when things are down? Do you panic and liquidate your investments when the wind blows east? Are you constantly trying to time your investments and track down the hottest new prospect to make a quick fortune? Or is your approach level-headed, consistent, and unwavering amidst uncertainty?

Today Grant and Jeremy talk through the impact our behaviors have on our investments and give practical wisdom on how to deal with it. Volatility is the price of admission for investing. Over time, the stock market goes up. It always has. Studies show that a consistent approach to investing is the best way to curb risk and weather uncertainty. Today, we tell you how. It’s time to stop being swayed by sensational news and start building wealth.

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