Podcast 89 - Where Are We Now? Update on the Market Image

Season 4|Episode 8
Where Are We Now? Update on the Market

It’s no secret that 2020 has been a madhouse.

We have seen some historic economic decline, worse than what we saw in the Great Depression. We have also seen miraculous recovery right after those declines. All of these ups and downs have made it really tough to understand exactly where our economy is this year. Are we okay? Are we doomed? Today, Jeremy and Jake take some time to clear things up. To be sure, we have never had a year like 2020 before. There is a lot of hope. there are a lot of opportunities.

Here is a link to the blog that Jake wrote about the update: https://stewardship.pro/2020/09/01/2020s-been-crazy-heres-13-charts-to-prove-it/

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