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Season 4|Episode 4
Your Money in Your 30’s: Make Saving Your Priority

It’s midnight, you are lying on your pillow, eyes wide.

You’re in your 30’s, growing in your career, you have started your family, things seem pretty good. Yet, here you are, lying awake. Do you know where your money is? Are you saving enough? Will you reach your goals? Are you setting your family up for future success?

These questions can keep us up at night. There is nothing worse than not knowing if something is wrong. Today, Grant and Jeremy talk through what questions you should be asking about your finances in your thirties, and they outline some ideal situations to ensure you are on the right trajectory. They help us understand if we are doing this right. If you are not in the position that they outline, don’t despair! You’re in the right place. Make the small changes now in order to have BIG impacts later on.

“You should be far more concerned with your current trajectory than with your current results.”
― James Clear

Here is the article about Betterment:

Betterment Article

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