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Season 4|Episode 2
You’ve Earned It, You Should Probably Protect It

We all work so hard for what we have, but are you truly protected from

losing those things?

When it comes to insurance, we have auto coverage, home insurance, and health policies in place. For life insurance, most of us have heard to put a term policy in place and set it and forget it. This plan leaves your most valuable asset completely exposed – your income. In today’s podcast, Grant and Jeremy explain the different kinds of safeguards you need to put into place to protect your income and your growing wealth. They outline how to make a wise approach to disability insurance, life insurance, and other ways to protect your assets with things most people don’t think about.

Be sure to contact your fiduciary advisor to find out what policies you need in place.

Click here for the research paper Jeremy and Grant reference in the podcast.

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