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Season 4|Episode 1
He Started a Mortgage Company in a Crisis?

In 2008, the US economy crashed because banks were lending money to people without concern for the financial wellbeing of those people.

There were lots of less than moral practices happening at this time. Grant Botma saw all of this happening and decided it was not okay, so he decided to do something about it. He started Stewardship Mortgage in the midst of a mortgage industry collapse. SPOILER ALERT: Stewardship didn’t just survive, but thrived throughout the crisis and beyond. That isn’t even the end of the story. In today’s podcast, Jeremy and Grant discuss the history of Stewardship Mortgage and then onto Stewardship Insurance and Stewardship Financial. They talk about what Stewardship is doing to change the landscape of the financial industry. The secret to success – be a financial expert and always do what is right for the customer.

Check Stewardship out here.

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