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A Healthy View of God and Money

Today, we discuss what a healthy view of God and money is.

In this podcast, Sun Valley Community Church lead pastor Chad Moore talks about the theology of money.

There are several different views of money from the Bible:

  • Prosperity gospel – You give to get, not trusting God
  • Poverty Gospel – If you are poor you are righteous and if you are rich you are wicked.
  • Stewardship Theology – God owns it all and I am the manager of it for a time. What you think you own is just on loan.

All through the Bible, there are the righteous rich (Abraham, David, Joseph of Arimathea) and the unrighteous rich (they abused the poor). You also have the righteous poor (the widow and her mite) and the unrighteous poor (those who gamble it all away or spend it all).

The amount of money is irrelevant. It’s righteousness and unrighteousness. Money is natural, but it reveals your heart.

I give because I am surrendered to God in every area of my life.

We were born into nothing, we leave with nothing. God owns it all and gives it to us to manage.

When you practice being selfless, it brings joy.

We can all agree that teaching our kids to honor God with their money is super important, and leads them to be good Stewards of what god has entrusted them. Here are some of the practical ways you can teach your kids about money at a very young age.

For Vocational ministers:

  • Lead out of moral authority – Don’t be a hypocrite, give people something to follow.
  • Have a percentage giving goal.
  • Do the extra, feel the giving.

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