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Enneagram Type 9 and Finances

Nines, the Adaptive Peacemakers, are diplomatic and attuned to the ideas of others, often as facilitators or mediators in groups.

They form the glue between people with their friendly, grounding and stable demeanor. They struggle to connect to their own point of view or say “no,” and often avoid all conflict. At high integration, they are independent and self-respecting, acting with self-awareness and autonomy.

This is it: the final episode of our ten-week series on the Enneagram and Finances. We close out our series with, you guessed it, type 9. Grant and Jeremy discuss some of the pitfalls people who relate with type 9 ought to watch out for, including conflict-avoidance and enabling other people’s bad habits. They also talk through a 9’s ability to make sacrifices for those they love and keeping a level head in times of stress. As always, at the end of the podcast, Jeremy interviews Daniel, who relates with Enneagram Type 9 to find out how he deals with finances in his life.

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