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Enneagram Type 8 and Finances

The Active Controller – Eights are forces of nature, with a strong presence and personality that values being in control.

They are guarded but caring and protective of those around them. As they mask any vulnerability with a tough, no-nonsense exterior, they may seem intimidating and confrontational. At higher integration they combine their directness with compassion, collaborating with others while serving the greater good.

People who relate to eights may be seen as fighters who buck against anything trying to control them, but when we get down to it, they are really just determined to protect the people they love the most. This reality means they could be superbly good at financially preparing their families and being outrageously generous to fight injustice, or, if serving themselves, they may be hard-headed and distrusting. Today, Grant and Jeremy talk about how eights can really use their strengths in their finances and, as with all the other numbers, some of the areas to watch more closely. At the end of the podcast, Jeremy interviews Greg Suiter about how his “eightness” impacts his family and life.

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