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Enneagram Type 7 and Finances

Sevens seek variety, stimulation, and fun, tackling challenges with optimism and engaging with life in a future-orientated way. As team members, they bring creativity, energy, and optimism.

They may seem distracted, hedonistic, insensitive or irresponsible to others. Sevens are often unhappy but deny this, escaping into hyperactivity and impulsive pleasure-seeking. At higher integration they are present, finding joy within.

People who relate to seven’s are a blast to be around! They dream, and take action. That doesn’t really sound like someone who loves a budget meeting. Today, Jeremy and Grant discuss how people who relate with Seven’s often relate to money – outlining how fun they can be when they lean into their dreams and enthusiasm. They also talk about the reasons these fun folks could benefit from being okay with some of the more boring things, like planning and tracking expenses.

At the end of the podcast, Jeremy interviews Matt Fogle, pastor and church planter of Rythm Community Church in Mesa. Matt relates with the Enneagram Type 7 and outlines how this affects his life, his marriage, and his decisions.

Check out Rythm Community Church at https://rhythm.community/

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