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Jean Klinkhamer – Real Estate Investing

What is good real estate investing?

Rentals? Maybe

The reality is rental property investing takes a unique temperament and requires a special personality. Screening tenants and managing maintenance requires skill. If you do not have those skills, you must pay to have someone manage those skills. That cuts into the margin.

As a whole, rental property real estate investing has a lot of risk. Including, but not limited to, vacancy and property management risk.

Fix-and-flip? Maybe

But not everyone knows how to find a great deal, and has the capital to properly profit from this endeavor.

The good news is Jean and his team have a unique way to invest in real estate without taking on as much risk, and without requiring a whole lot of expertise.

This is a unique way of intelligently investing in real estate by investing in a Private Placement real estate investment fund. If you qualify, you are able to invest money into this pooled fund with other qualified investors and have Jean and his team lend the money to businesses that need capital for their real estate projects. Essentially, this type of investing lets an investor be the lender.

For more details, check out Jeremy’s interview with Jean.

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