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Enneagram Type 3 and Finances

This week, Jeremy and Grant continue our series on the Enneagram and finances. With the third Enneagram type, they talk about “The Competitive Achiever.”

Threes are “doers” and tend to be practical, task-oriented and project a polished persona or image. They are competitive and will make sacrifices to achieve their goals and appear successful. They risk becoming overstretched or workaholic and may resort to deception or expediency to win. At higher integration, they work towards self-acceptance and authentic influence, connecting heart and hands. Together they dive into the strengths and challenges that people who identify with Type 3 may face when it comes to their financial behaviors and tendencies. At the end, we hear an interview with a three on practical ways his personality affects his finances and his relationship with his wife. If you are interested in free bonus content about the Enneagram and your finances, we are releasing a bonus episode at the end of the series to anyone who wants it. Just go to stewardship.pro/ep and sign up to receive that free content!

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